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We are specialists in the importing, marketing and servicing of USA and European medical and scientific products in Japan.

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For over sixty years, AMCO Incorporated, with head office in Tokyo, Japan, has been involved in successfully importing, marketing, and servicing medical and scientific products from the USA and Europe. We have worked hard to maintain a leadership position in the Japanese market by introducing state-of-the-art technology and products. We have highly experienced and professional employees in every area of our company, including logistics, QA and regulatory affairs, research and development, planning and marketing, sales, service, accounting and personnel.

There is no mystery about the Japanese market. Rather, there are some important idiosyncrasies that must be understood. We understand this market and are proud of our long history of success. We continue to actively seek new and innovative medical and scientific products from around the world.

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Akihiro Koshikawa President & CEO